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Heartcycle Bicycle Touring Club Contacts


President Fred Yu president at heartcycle dot org
Co-Tour Directors Bob Rowe and Judy Siel tourdirector at heartcycle dot org
Webmaster Jim Bethell webmaster at heartcycle dot org
Registrar Ron Barton

registrar at heartcycle dot org

Co-Registrar Rich Crocker registrar at heartcycle dot org

Your Board Members

Fred Yu President
Mark Lestikow VP
Rita Kurelja Secretary
Graham Hollis Treasurer
John Penick Assistant Treasurer
Judy Siel Co-Tour Director
Bob Rowe Co-Tour Director
Jim Bethell CPR & Driver Training Coordinator and Webmaster
Fred Yu Insurance and Legal Matters
Mark Lestikow Events, Souvenirs
Janet Slate Special Projects
Rich Crocker Co-Registrar


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