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Update of Covid-19 and 2020 Colorado HeartCycle Tours


March 22, 2020


Resolution #2020-1 Approved 3/21/2020

In light of the extraordinary effects of the Covid-19 Coronavirus on tour planning and execution, the club’s refund and cancellation policy shall be modified for the following tours during the 2020 season as follows: 

A.  Bike n Barge, Provence, Shenandoah, Paso Robles tours:  The club will refund all tour fees paid by tour participants. 

B.  All cancelled tours through June: 
  1.  Confirmed riders on tours cancelled by the club will receive a full refund.
  2.  Confirmed riders on cancelled tours who cancelled prior to the club’s decision to cancel will receive a refund of the cancellation fee. (It is presumed that such persons have already received a refund of all other tour fees).

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The HeartCycle Bicycle Touring Club is a non-profit Colorado corporation in its 40th year of providing bicycle tours. The club is organized and run by volunteers who enjoy the challenge and the fun of cycle touring and want to share their enthusiasm.

HeartCycle has the unique distinction of having originally been formed as a cardiac research project (hence the name), but has long since become simply a non-profit bicycling club that promotes multi-day, SAG supported tours. A volunteer Board of Directors meets monthly and welcomes member attendance and participation in planning and running events. HeartCycle also has many other volunteers working to assist the Board.

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