Colorado HeartCycle Bicycle Tours

Heartcycle Bicycle Touring Club Contacts

Board Members

Fred Yu President
Steve Parker VP 970-382-9551
Joanne Speirs Secretary 303-589-2877
John Penick Treasurer 970-382-9551
Joan Spilka Assistant Treasurer
Richard Crocker Registrar 520-539-8019
Jim Bethell CPR & Driver Training Coordinator 518-446-1766
Jay Wuchner Sag Vehicles 720-840-6467
Bob Rowe Tour Director 303-910-7230
Fred Yu Insurance and Legal Matters 303-321-4530


Working Members

Ron Barton Co-registrar 303-798-2755
Jeff Messerschmidt Sag Supply Manager 303-904-0573
Barry Siel Newsletter Editor 303-470-8431
Harvey Hoogstrate Web Administrator 303-755-9362
Rich Loeffler Medical Equipment Manager 303-981-2963
Mickey Berry Social Events 303-880-1944
Andy Anderson Mapping 404-395-1491

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